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Hackers Use 5 Methods to Infect You With Ransomware

By Idnan Hussain 7 months ago Ransomware Attack

Ransomware makes the news every day, with the majority of attacks aimed at large organisations with enough cash to make the attack profitable. However, normal individuals can become infected as well....

What Is USB-C and What Does It Do?

By Idnan Hussain 7 months ago What Is USB-C?

In the world of personal electronics, settling on a single standard to govern them all is a lofty goal. At best, you'll find yourself in a format war, with one group emerging victorious for a few year...

Why is your Apple Watch so slow and how can you speed it up?

By Idnan Hussain 8 months ago Apple Watch

If your Apple Watch seems slow and takes a long time to start workouts, launch applications, or navigate, we'll show you how to speed it up. But first, let's figure out why your Apple Watch is slowing...