6 Factors Why Email Marketing Will Continue to be Useful in 2023

6 Factors Why Email Marketing Will Continue to be Useful in 2022

6 Factors Why Email Marketing Will Continue to be Useful in 2023

We decided to re-examine the benefits of email marketing for driving visitors to websites in light of the increasingly digital nature of technology as well as shifts in consumer attitudes and behaviour. Thus, our review of current studies reveals that it continues to be a very crucial marketing tool. Here are the things we discovered:

1 - The channel with the greatest range

Despite having billions of active users, social media still has a smaller marketing reach than email. Compared to social media accounts, email accounts are more prevalent and are used more frequently. There are currently 3.8 billion users of social media and 4.1 billion users of email.

2 - Email marketing continues to produce the highest ROI

Since quite some time, email marketing has dominated the ROI rankings, and no other type of marketing has yet to overtake it. The most recent statistics actually demonstrates a rise in the rate of return over the past few years, going from £32 for every £1 spent in 2017 to £42 for every £1 spent today. Nearly 75% of internet firms think email has a good or outstanding return on investment.

3 - Email increases sales

Increased revenue is the ultimate goal of email marketing, and there is ample proof that emails improve sales. Only 30% of social media users report purchasing a product they clicked on in the previous month, even though 25% of them will click on an advertisement. For email marketing, that number jumps to 60%. According to estimates, more than 80% of US consumers will make a purchase after viewing a product in an email, particularly if it includes a special promotion.

4 - Email promotes consumer loyalty

Email is the best channel for sending targeted special offers and product suggestions due to the growing use of personalization. More than 90% of customers prefer businesses that send emails that are personalised and remember their interests, preferences, and buying routines.

As a result, email is now the major medium on which customer retention strategies are centred for 80% of organisations, driving client retention. Importantly, maintaining millennial and Gen Z clients requires delivering email that engages them. When these individuals receive emails with content they deem valuable, 75% of them are inclined to continue engaging with the company. This includes timely emails that enable customers to watch videos, cast polls, watch videos, or follow their fave businesses on social media.

5 - Email advertising works well on mobile

The movement toward mobile represents one of the most significant changes in user behaviour. Today, smartphones are the most popular way for users to access the internet, and 53% of emails are accessed on the user's phone. No matter where a user is, they can easily read emails, click links, and be taken directly to the landing page when the website and email are both mobile-friendly.

Having mobile friendliness offers the customer experience that the contemporary consumer demands from the businesses they follow and makes mobile shopping simple. Emails can be made more efficient by being optimised for mobile devices.

6 - The least expensive method of attracting new clients

When a company sells low-value goods, specifically, the cost of acquisition might be high and have a negative impact on ROI. Email is unquestionably the most economical way to gain new clients when compared to other strategies. Email costs roughly £7 per user in eCommerce, social media costs £15 per user, PPC costs £18 per user, and direct mail costs £21 per user. Pound for pound, email is the clear choice if you're trying to increase your consumer base.

According to research, email marketing will still be an essential part of promoting business in 2022. It is the most cost-effective marketing strategy in terms of customer acquisition and return on investment (ROI); it draws in new customers while also assisting in the retention of current ones; it is optimised to function well on mobile devices, which consumers are increasingly using to access the internet; and, most importantly, it can be incorporated into the cutting-edge digital systems that provide the personalization that today's consumers expect from brands that offer improved customer experiences.

The advantages are considerably larger when email marketing is interesting, offers clients real value, and directs them to website pages that are tailored and optimised for them.



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